Interior architecture, which expresses all the processes of designing the interior from scratch according to human needs, evaluates this design process from a wide range of perspective, from functionality to aesthetics. residential interior design istanbul , who is interested in technical solutions as well as aesthetic applications, deals  with all the details regarding the space, from the view of the building to what material will be used in flooring, the colors and patterns of the flooring. Including environmental and cultural elements in the design process, interior designers try to structure the space to meet all the requests according to the purpose of use. In addition to re-designing the space design to meet the needs and visual expectations, these studies also include interior design from scratch.
While talking about the application areas of interior architecture, it is generally mentioned that the design of the space is designed, this does not mean that the interior architects are busy with designing only at the computer. These experts, who are familiar with all of the classical architectural applications, carry out all the stages of the application process in person after the design phase. It is the responsibility of the interior architect to carry out important issues such as which materials and how to use in the application works to be carried out in order for the interior to have the designed features. Since the completion of the application process is under the responsibility of the interior designer, it is at the beginning of architectural applications of all sizes from home decoration works to the early stages of the construction process. Strength of the building, sound and heat insulation properties of the interior, bakı,
Processes such as designing furniture, designing office environments to create brand value and even logo studies, designing the visual ambiance that will not prevent functionality and comfort, but still appealing to the eye, are also included in the interests of the interior architecture. This profession, which requires understanding the relationship of people with objects and using architectural creations according to the person and the spirit of the space, is intertwined with different branches of classical engineering as well as visual arts. Interior architecture, which cannot be described as just designing or decorating the interior in a stylish way, is a versatile workspace that interacts with many different disciplines.

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