It is not an easy task to offer a place where people with different habits and a wide range of people can feel comfortable. The decoration of cafes and restaurants, where people from different segments and age groups come together almost every hour of the day, is therefore made with a very different understanding than the decoration of homes. No matter how little is spent on the decoration of a place that does not offer a sense of comfort and quality, although the cost is primarily taken into consideration in cafe interior architectural arrangements, the commercial life of the cafe will be short. The same situation is not different in restaurant interior design arrangements. It is very important to consider the audience to be addressed in the interior designer istanbul of cafes and restaurants, which should have an aesthetically different identity, and to create a cafe and restaurant decoration concept in this direction. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to have a fluffy budget to open a stylish space, whether it is interior design of restaurants or cafe decoration. With a low budget, you can create a decoration concept that everyone will like and more importantly, the customer segment you address will find different. For this, it would be best to determine a style, evaluate the spatial and structural features and turn to the ideal design options that can be applied within this concept. It is a very, very big risk to engage in rote decoration without determining any decoration concept, that is, without any idea in your mind, without thinking about the structural features of the place and knowing what the customer segment you will serve likes. Because jumping into fishing decoration works without knowing what kind of result will come out means wasting your budget. There are many basic decoration styles you can choose for the decoration of your restaurant and cafe, from modern decoration styles to Retro examples, from Vintage style to minimalist space arrangements. By determining which of these styles are suitable for your customer potential, you can apply to the interior architect as certain ideas in your mind. Make sure that it is not easy for interior designers to design cafes and restaurants that will please customers who do not know what they want.

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